Loans without UC? Is there? Yes there are loans without UC and in this guide we list lenders who offer to borrow money without them taking any UC on you before you can borrow money. Neither for that nor for that matter. The companies in the list lend money without taking a credit report from the UC company without solving it in other ways.

There are many who have asked for loans that do not take UC as too many UC can make it difficult to borrow money or you have already drawn up many UC and then you can want loans without UC just to be able to borrow money despite being already has many inquiries at UC.

Loans without UC – This week’s top list

Loans without UC - This week

This is this week’s SIMPLIFIED top list of loans without UC, which means that we list the loans with a link to where they have loans without UC without assessment, ratings and reviews. The top list is sorted by how popular they are with our visitors before you just this week. If you want to see ratings, ratings and reviews, you should go to the BIG top list further down instead.

  • 1. Risks »Loans without UC
  • 2. Everydayplus »Loans without UC

That’s why we think you should read this guide


Loans without UC are a guide where we have taken out all loans that do not take any UC when submitting an application. NOTE! The leaderboard at the top of every page here at Good Finance shows the overall leaderboard whether they have UC or not. So it is the top list below that shows which loans do not take UC. You can check it by clicking on the link to each loan to read the terms.

We take out the loans that don’t take UC so you don’t have to

We take out the loans that don

So in this guide we hope to help you looking for companies where you can borrow money but without the company taking a UC. Then we would appreciate if you wanted to leave a review on the guide by touching the stars below 1-5. Where 1 star means you didn’t get help from the guide and where 5 means you think we did a good job of showing you where you can borrow money without UC.

We also have the Loan without UC weekend guide, where we list the companies that offer you to borrow money even on the weekend and that do not take any UC. We already have the guide where we list loans such as quick loans, sms loans and other small loans that you can take on the weekend but then it is also those who take UC.