Credit Agricole Consumer Finance SA is a leading consumer credit company in France and also in Europe. It is a subsidiary of the French banking group Credit Agricole, which offers its financial products and services in 23 European countries.

In CA Consumer Finance you can contract a deposit with the market leader in terms of consumer loans, and in just a few simple and quick steps.


Why choose Credit loan?

Why choose Credit loan?


Credit Agricole Consumer Finance SA belongs to one of the largest banks in Europe, and is a leader in all areas of consumer credit.

If you are looking to invest your money and want to obtain a high profitability with the term deposits of CA Consumer Finance you will get it, up to 1.25% of guaranteed interest, and with the guarantees of the FGD.


  • Deposits from € 5,000
  • Up to 1.25% interest guaranteed
  • Up to € 100,000 guaranteed by the French Deposit Guarantee Fund


  • Hiring it is easy, but hiring deadlines are long (up to 21 days)
  • If you want to cancel early you can do it, but the process can last up to 32 business days
  • You can not increase the amount invested, you have to contract a new deposit

How do fixed-term deposits work?

Fixed-term deposits are a savings product, in which you invest an amount of money during a set time and the entity agrees to remunerate that money with a fixed interest rate determined throughout the deposit until maturity.

Credit Agricole Consumer Finance offers fixed-term deposits that will help you get a return on your money, which will be paid on an annual or semi-annual basis depending on the duration of the deposit contracted in your associated account.

What term deposits are offered?

In CA Consumer Finance you can benefit from different term deposits from 6 to 36 months, with returns of 1.30% APR for 6 months and up to 1.80% APR for 36 months.

The amounts to invest in the deposits are: minimum € 5,000 and maximum € 500,000.

Deposit to 6 months

6-month term deposits offer a return of 0.70% APR, 100% capital guaranteed by the FGD up to € 100,000 and semi-annual interest settlement.

1 year deposit

It is one of the most attractive term deposits in the financial market, since it offers a return of 1% APR and is backed by the French Deposit Guarantee Fund. So if you want to invest without risk, as long as the investment does not exceed € 100,000 this is one of the best options you have to invest without risk.

Deposit to 2 years

If you want to invest for a longer period of time and thus achieve a higher profitability, we invite you to know the 2-year deposits that offer a return of 1.10% APR.

Deposit to 3 years

Finally, in CA Consumer Finance you can contract your 3-year term deposit with a return of 1.25% APR. And how ever, with the FGD guarantee up to € 100,000.

If you are looking for deposits in installments here you will find bank deposits from 6 months to 36 months, so depending on the profitability you seek, we recommend you hire one or the other, and always bear in mind your Headless horseman investment.

What requirements are needed?

To contract a term deposit you will have to fulfill the following requirements: be a natural person older than 18 years and resident in Spain. The deposit accepts a single owner and may be used exclusively for private purposes.

They can not hire a deposit those personal who are not legally qualified, people who do not have an associated account in a credit institution domiciled in Spain in which the owner and people who do not justify their residence in Spain.

Is there a minimum investment?


In case you are wondering, yes, a minimum investment is required to contract Credit Agricole term deposits. In this case you can contract deposits for a minimum amount of € 5,000 and a maximum of € 500,000.

Remember that the deposit guarantee fund only covers up to € 100,000 of your investment, so the amount that exceeds that limit will not be protected.

Can you increase the amount initially invested?

No, so before hiring a deposit, write accounts and calculate how much you are going to want to invest in the term deposit because later you will not be able to add more money.

Once you have contracted the deposit you will not be able to increase the amount invested. So in case you want to invest more money, the only thing you can do is hire a new term deposit with the amount you want, as long as it is a minimum of € 5,000.

What happens if I need to withdraw my money?

What happens if I need to withdraw my money?

When we are going to hire a term deposit, we usually ask ourselves, if necessary, we can withdraw our money whenever we want, at any time.

If you contract a bank deposit with Credit Agricole you can request the early cancellation of this in its entirety, although as usual you will have a penalty.

To cancel the deposit you will have to send a letter dated and signed by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt indicating your name, surnames, ID and address.

The cancellation period can be extended up to a maximum of 32 calendar days from the request and when it is canceled you will receive the amount deposited along with the accrued interest and subtracting the penalty which CA Consumer Finance considers appropriate.

Deposit calculator

Deposit calculator

If you still do not have a clear idea of ​​which deposit to contract, you can use the deposit calculator to get an idea of ​​what they can offer you. To use the calculator you will have to enter the amount you want to invest and the term.

To invest in deposits the minimum is € 5,000 and the maximum of € 500,000 and the terms to choose will be from 6 months to 3 years. When you establish this data you will be able to check the TIN and the interest of the deposit so you have all the information before hiring it.

If you finally decide to hire it, you can benefit from the advantages of the fixed term, which is that they are easy to contract, they are flexible in terms of the offer of interest rates, they offer a guaranteed return and they are protected by the FGD up to € 100,000.